Imperial Court of Iowa, Inc.


BOD Announcement
 - Due to misconduct unbecoming of a member of our organization, Jim Wilson (aka Jessica Tyler / JT) has been removed from all rights, responsibilities and privileges bestowed upon him by Emperor and Empress XXII Greg Brockman and Muffy Rosenberg. Furthermore, Mr Wilson shall not affiliate himself in any way with the Imperial Court of Iowa, Inc. during any function at any time.
Should you have any questions regarding this matter please contact the President of the Board of Directors, Bryan Smith.

Removal of Title

On September 22nd, 2013, the College of Monarchs of The Imperial Court of Iowa, met to consider the fate of Neil Anderson, aka Empress 12 Rachel Stahr.  Neil had been found guilty by the Board of Directors for Reign 20 of financial malfeasance and conduct unbecoming a member of The Imperial Court of Iowa and had previously had her membership and all titles suspended through the end of the Reign 20.  After much painful deliberation and much emotion, all the members present decided to remove Neil Anderson from the College of Monarchs.  This august body also recommended with a majority vote to the Board of Directors of Reign 20 that Empress 12 Rachel Stahr be stricken from the history of the I.C.IA, Inc. and that any mention of that title be expunged.
The Board of Directors met on September 29th, and discussed at some length this recommendation.  After more discussion and passionate debate the Board of Directors for Reign 20 does now proclaim:
Whereas Neil Anderson caused money raised by the Imperial Court of Iowa to become missing, and
Whereas Neil Anderson has in no way attempted any explanation as to what has happened to said money, and
Whereas Neil Anderson enjoyed the rights and privileges, as well as the responsibilities accorded to her as Empress 12 of the I.C.IA, Inc, therefore
May it be known throughout the lands that Neil Anderson, once known as Empress 12 Rachel Stahr, has been stricken from the rolls of Monarchs in our Realm.  From the date of September 29th, 2013 forward, any and all mention of Neil Anderson, aka Rachel Stahr, shall only ever be in reference to her as Princess Royal 9.  All rights and privileges afforded her as a Monarch duly elected or appointed in Iowa and across the United States, Canada, and Mexico are forever forfeit as there is now no Empress 12 in Iowa.
We ask all Realms throughout the ICS to honor our proclamation and if there are any questions or discussion, please forward it to Vice President of the BOD of Reign 21, Heir Apparent Emeritus to Queen Mother of the Americas Nicole the Great, Emperor 2 and 14 The Platinum Sledgehammer, and co-founder of the Imperial Court of IowaMichael Ferry or Emperor I and Regent Emperor 18, King Father of Iowa, Mongo the First.

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